Moss removal. Gentle and sustainable.

Moosfrei removes all algae, moss and lichen without harmful high-pressure cleaners and without the use of aggressive chemicals such as chlorine or Javel water.

The specialist against moss and algae

Our gentle moss-free treatment, using our active agents, ensures excellent results with a long-term effect.

Thanks to Moosfrei, it is possible to remove moss, algae and lichen completely from façades gently, sustainably and cost-effectively without expensive and time-consuming repainting. Due to the deep effect, Moosfrei treatments can protect against new infestation for approx. 7-15 years.

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Quick and easy

The agent is sprayed on and thanks to extendable telescopic cleaning lances and lifting platforms, even high spots can be treated easily and quickly.


Quiet and clean

Compared to other methods, Moosfrei treatment causes neither noise nor dust.



Moosfrei combats all algae, moss, lichen and mould after just one application. The affected area cleans itself over days and weeks. Scrubbing or rinsing is not necessary.



Moosfrei combats all algae, moss, lichen and mould after just one application. The affected area cleans itself over days and weeks. Scrubbing or rinsing is not necessary.



The active ingredient is gentle and the material, whether plaster, concrete, brick, wood or metal, is not affected.



Our process prevents roughening of the façade or any alteration of the surface. Thanks to the deep effect, the treated area is protected for about 7 to 15 years.

Moss removal

Spores settle on façades and other open spaces. Even the smallest irregularities and pores in the substrate are sufficient to provide a habitat for these spores. But this growth has undesirable consequences. First visually, over time substantially. Moss removal belongs in professional hands. Moosfrei moss removal: gentle and sustainable.

Façade cleaning

Moss, verdigris and algae on façades not only look unsightly, the façade plaster also suffers. The protective effect of the façade decreases, consequential damage occurs and the value of the property falls. The façade treatment of Moosfrei specifically combats the unwanted mosses and lichens without changing the façade structure. The method of Moosfrei is effective and inexpensive.

Classical methods and their disadvantages

Classical methods and their disadvantages
Private individuals and many professional providers use high-pressure cleaners and chlorine or Javel water to clean façades. This approach brings quick results, but long-term damage is imminent:

Roughening of plaster and paint: Small cracks and micro-chipping occur.
Washouts in concrete: Cleaning with high pressure causes washouts in the concrete and thus damages the surface.
Water gets into the masonry: High-pressure cleaners force water and possibly chemical cleaning solutions into cracks and crevices – masonry and thermal insulation can be affected.
Even when working with reduced pressure, chlorine or cleaning with high pressure leave traces. That is why, in contrast to traditional cleaning, Moosfrei uses a gentle treatment.

Your advantages with Moosfrei

Do you expect visible results without invisible consequential damage? Discover Moosfrei’s method for effective moss removal and façade cleaning. Moosfrei solves your problem specifically, without unwanted side effects.

Moosfrei’s active ingredient is applied gently and in measured doses as a spray mist.
The active ingredient foams up on the façade and thus forms a foam carpet with a long reaction time.
As a result, Moosfrei’s active ingredient is absorbed by the organisms, causing them to die off completely naturally within a few months.
Depending on the type and severity of the infestation, Moosfrei’s treatment takes effect within 12 to 24 months and, according to experience, protects against new infestations for 7 to 15 years.

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