Removing algae - gently and sustainably!

We know from experience that more than 90% of all soiling on façades and walls is caused by algae.

Preventing the formation of algae on façades

An algae-free façade is the goal. Moosfrei treats your façade instead of just cleaning it. For the property owner, there is no difference at first glance. However, with a treatment we not only achieve a short-term cleaning, but also protect the surface in the long term against a new infestation!

Moosfrei uses an active ingredient in the treatment that fights the cause. Our advantage is that the active ingredient is absorbed by algae and lichens. These die, decay and are worn away without residue by wind and weather. The substrate is spared during this treatment, as only living organic matter responds to Moosfrei’s active ingredient.

Moss-free in three steps:

  1. Treatment begins with spraying the active ingredient onto the substrate. In the process, this foams up to maximise the exposure time.
  2. Algae absorb Moosfrei’s active ingredient, die and decompose. Wind and weather carry off the dead organisms.
  3. Moosfrei’s treatment is completed after a few months and a new formation of algae on façades is prevented.

Algae removal with Moosfrei’s guarantee

Should there still be residues of moss, algae and lichen after 24 months, we will remove them free of charge.

Why should cleaning with chlorine, brushes or high-pressure cleaners be avoided?

Algae growth on façades or walls cannot simply be rinsed off. Following the first impulse, façade cleaners and property owners try to eliminate this problem with high pressure, brushes or chlorine. This form of cleaning brings quickly visible results, but has serious disadvantages.

Aggressive cleaning agents such as chlorine or Javel water are problematic for the environment and may attack not only algae but also the substrate. The same applies to cleaning with brushes. This method can also damage the façade. Over time, this can become a problem, because moisture penetrates through these inconspicuous injuries to the surface and additionally damages the substrate over the years.

Moosfrei gently removes algae

We would be happy to convince you that our treatment is better and also cheaper than cleaning! Moosfrei deliberately does not use chlorine cleaners or Javel water, because we know from experience how these cleaners have a negative effect on surfaces and leave traces.

Customers of Moosfrei appreciate the gentle treatment and are convinced of the result, even if it can take a little longer to achieve the final result. Depending on the moss or lichen, the actual effect of Moosfrei can be seen after just a few days or only after a few months. In addition, the substrate is provided with a kind of protective shield. Experience shows that this effect lasts for 7 to 15 years and effectively protects against renewed algae growth on all types of façades.