Cleaning concrete walls - gently and sustainably!

Moss, verdigris and algae on a concrete wall not only look unsightly, the substrate also suffers from the infestation.
Betonmauer Algen Entfernung

Treating concrete walls instead of painting concrete walls

Lichens, algae and moss not only make a concrete wall look unsightly, they also damage the concrete wall. First, microscopic damage occurs, moisture penetrates and decomposes the concrete wall over the years. Brushing, scraping or painting the concrete wall is not enough. Experience has also shown that cleaning the concrete wall with a high-pressure cleaner and chlorine is more harmful than useful.

How to clean the concrete wall?
Moosfrei gets to the root cause, is gentle in its method and sustainable in its results. Customers are thrilled with the results and surprised at how well Moosfrei works.

In 3 steps to a clean concrete wall

  1. Moosfrei’s agent for cleaning the concrete wall is applied.
  2. Lichens, algae and mosses absorb Moosfrei’s active ingredient, die and decompose into dust.
  3. Wind and weather wear away the remains and the concrete wall looks like new.

Clean concrete - gentle and sustainable.

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High pressure and chlorine or Javel water?

The reach for high-pressure cleaners, chlorine or Javel water is close at hand. Results are quickly visible and superficially the cleaned concrete wall is clean and free of moss, lichen or algae. But what the eye does not see, unfolds its harmful effects in the following months.

The high water pressure washes out the concrete. The barely visible damage to the surface provides a good foothold for new spores, so that mosses, algae and lichens gradually grow again. Each time the concrete wall is cleaned, new damage occurs and gradually becomes visible. But then it is usually too late and the concrete wall has to be repaired at great expense.

Treating concrete walls with Moosfrei

We at Moosfrei are convinced that a gentle treatment is more sustainable and better in the long run. Our motto is: Moosfrei – gentle and sustainable. We deliberately do not use chlorine or Javel water. Even diluted, these cleaners can affect the masonry and damage the concrete wall.

Moosfrei acts gentle and sustainable. Moosfrei uses an active ingredient that tackles the problem at the root, acting only on organic matter and inhibiting the growth process there. Little by little, mosses, algae and lichens die off and finally the problem is solved.

Conclusion treating concrete walls
Moosfrei treats surfaces gently in the method and sustainably in the result. The surface is not affected mechanically or with aggressive agents and a new infestation by spores is prevented or at least greatly delayed for years.