Façade cleaning - gentle and sustainable.

Façade cleaning turns old into new. Over time, algae, lichen or moss grow on façades. This is not only unsightly, but also damaging to your façade in the long run. Experience how Moosfrei thinks differently about façade cleaning.

Façade cleaning - goodbye algae, moss and lichen!

You can see from a distance when algae, moss and lichen have formed on a façade. It is unsightly to look at and damages the surface. For a typical façade cleaning one usually reaches for brushes or high pressure cleaners. Results are quickly seen, but the surface is only more affected with these methods of cleaning. In the worst case, the surface is roughened, which promotes the renewed growth of algae, mosses or lichens.

This should not be happening. Moosfrei offers a different solution and consistently focuses on sustainable façade treatment. Our gentle method gets to the root of the problem. Our active ingredient is sprayed on selectively, foams up and is absorbed by the mosses and lichens. The unwanted organisms die and are carried away by wind and weather.

Gentle in the method and convincingly sustainable in the result.

Moosfrei’s façade cleaning works in three steps:

  1. First, Moosfrei’s active ingredient is sprayed on so that it foams up and, ideally, takes effect for at least six hours without further contact with water.
  2. Mosses, lichens and algae absorb Moosfrei’s active ingredient, gradually die and decompose into dust, which is carried away by wind and weather.
  3. Moosfrei’s treatment is completed after a few months. The façade shines in new splendour.

Here, too, Moosfrei unfolds its full effect - and thus inspires customers.

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Why should façade cleaning not be done mechanically?

Cleaning a façade should not be done with brushes. But why is this a bad idea? Property owners are asking themselves this very question, as cleaning with brushes and pressure washers quickly takes effect.

At first glance, that may be so. But besides mosses, algae or lichens, microscopic parts of the façade are also removed. You don’t see it right away, but this damage is the ideal gateway for moisture to enter. What’s more, mechanically finished surfaces roughen up and then provide a foothold for spores. After a short time, mosses, algae and lichens return.

What is the difference between Moosfrei and façade cleaning?

At Moosfrei we know from experience that gentle treatment has a long-term effect and is sustainable. We deliberately do not use chlorine or Javel water, because even diluted such cleaning agents have certain side effects and attack the façade through oxidation or a corrosive effect or discolour the surface.

Moosfrei relies on a gentle method that is nevertheless powerful in its effect. Moosfrei’s cleaning solution only acts on organic substances and inhibits the growth of algae, mosses and lichens. The effect inspires, the result convinces.