Treatment of façades - gentle and sustainable

Over the years, algae and moss deposits form on façades. A completely natural process. Moosfrei ensures clean façades.

Goodbye, algae infestation

Moss and algae make façades look unsightly and also damage the surface. Many classic façade cleaners offer the cleaning of façades with brushes or high-pressure cleaners as a solution. This method brings quick results, but the massive intervention changes the surface structure of the façade and thus favours future moss infestation all the more.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Moosfrei gets to the root cause, is gentle in its method and sustainable in its results.

Moosfrei’s guarantee

Should there still be residues of moss, algae and lichen after 24 months, we will remove them free of charge.



Cleaning concrete walls - gently and sustainably!

Moss, verdigris and algae on a concrete wall not only look unsightly, the substrate also suffers from the infestation.

Removing algae - gently and sustainably!

We know from experience that more than 90% of all soiling on façades and walls is caused by algae.

Removing moss - gently and sustainably!

Removing moss, algae and lichen on the façade is something for professionals. More than 90 % of all soiling on façades are due to moss, algae and lichen, among other things.

Façade cleaning - gentle and sustainable.

Façade cleaning turns old into new. Over time, algae, lichen or moss grow on façades. This is not only unsightly, but also damaging to your façade in the long run. Experience how Moosfrei thinks differently about façade cleaning.

Why no mechanical façade cleaning?

Cleaning Eternit fibreboard, façades or other surfaces mechanically – why is this a bad idea? Many property owners ask us this particular question. After all, cleaning with high-pressure cleaners or brushes promises quick results.

Yeah, that’s right. But conventional mechanical action not only removes moss, algae or lichen, but also microscopic parts of the façade. Hardly visible to the eye, these injuries to the façade are a gateway for moisture. In addition, the façade treated in this way offers mosses, algae and lichens a better hold in the future and an almost ideal breeding ground.

Conclusion on mechanical façade cleaning

After a short time, mosses, algae and lichens return.

What difference does Moosfrei offer?

We at Moosfrei are convinced that a gentle treatment is more sustainable and better in the long run. We deliberately do not use chlorine or Javel water. Even diluted, these cleaning agents can have undesirable side effects such as oxidation, a corrosive effect or discoloration of the surface.

Moosfrei works gently and sustainably, because Moosfrei uses a treatment method that only acts on organic substances and thus inhibits the growth process.

Conclusion on façade treatment of Moosfrei

At Moosfrei, we treat surfaces gently and ensure a clean result in the long term without having a mechanical effect on the surface of the substrate. A sustainable process with convincing results.


Spraying - Waiting - Moss-free

algenbefall fassade gewährleistung

PHASE 1: Spraying

Moosfrei’s active ingredient for algae façade treatment is sprayed on, foams up and should be left to work for at least 4-6 hours without further contact with water.
algenentfernung an fassaden


The substrate, mosses, lichens and algae absorb Moosfrei’s active ingredient, gradually die and decompose into dust, which is carried away by wind and weather.
fassadenreinigung algenentfernung


After approx. 6 – 24 months, depending on the substrate and environment, Moosfrei’s treatment is complete. The façade shines in new splendour.