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With our method, which has been tried and tested for years, we achieve lasting success. Moosfrei removes all algae, moss and lichen without harmful high-pressure cleaners and without the use of aggressive chemicals such as chlorine or Javel water.

Well-trained employees for impressive success

Even the smallest irregularities and pores in the substrate are sufficient to provide a habitat for these spores. But this growth has undesirable consequences. First visually, then substantially. Moss removal belongs in professional hands and the well-trained staff of Moosfrei ensure impressive, gentle and lasting results.

Moss-free throughout Switzerland – always gentle and sustainable

Do you expect visible results without invisible consequential damage? Throughout Switzerland, we offer customers just that: Façade cleaning and treatment without undesirable side effects. The effect unfolds within 4 to 24 months and protects against new infestations for 7 to 15 years.

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+41 41 531 22 33

+41 41 531 22 33


Moosfrei helps gently, sustainably and cost-effectively!


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